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191082142X & 978-1910821428


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Flower Garden Secrets

In this fascinating book, which deserves a place on the shelf of any gardener or plant lover, are the answers to such intriguing questions as: • How could daffodils be a cure for cancer – and dementia, too? • Which flowers that symbolise remembrance were buried with Tutankhamun in his tomb? • How did a passion flower confuse the history of a Renaissance painting of Madonna and Child? • Which flowers did the Romans add to the water to kill their enemies? • What is the record height for a sunflower, and how does its bloom succeed in moving to face the sun from dawn to dusk each day? • How did plant hunters risk their lives to bring us our garden favourites through their daring and persistence? Whether edible or medicinal, deemed lucky or unlucky, and whether native to Britain or brought from lands afar to be bred in a vast number of varieties, every flower chosen for inclusion here will bring the joy of knowledge to plant lovers, from the favourites of Shakespeare, Van Gogh and William Morris to the flowers that symbolise everything from nations to the most profound emotions.