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ISBN-10: 1910821012
ISBN-13: 978-1910821015



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The English Countryside (Updated 2015 Edition)

Just out for Christmas 2015 a new and updated edition of THE ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE. In it you'll find the answers to hundreds of questions such as: What is a 'snake stone' and does it have healing powers? How did the nightjar gets its bad reputation? Why are yew trees so often found in churchyards? When did crop circles first appear? Who is the Witch of Wookey Hole? The English countryside is a truly remarkable place. Its secrets include hoards of treasure buried beneath farmers’ fields, carnivorous plants, beetles that fight each other for a mate, strange big cats that prowl the fields and moors, and mysterious ley lines connecting ancient sites. And among its wonders are the spectacle of thousands of starlings wheeling at dusk, the glow-worm’s green sex signals, wild plants with healing powers and immense figures chalked on hillsides. Bestselling author Ruth Binney has called on her vast knowledge of English nature and the countryside to create a fascinating and entertaining celebration of the amazing and extraordinary flora and fauna, landscape and customs that give the English countryside and natural history its unique charm and special identity.