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ISBN-10: 1910821276
ISBN-13: 978-1910821275



This ingenious and informative new book reveals the inside stories of more than 50 common weeds, including cultivated garden ‘thugs’, and presents its findings as evidence for the prosecution and defence. It then suggests effective ways of removing or controlling weeds, and for treating and using them wisely. For each of the most common weeds and garden thugs included here you’ll find:

  • Verdict: An accessible summary of its good and bad points.
  • For the prosecution: Why it should be eradicated from the garden.
  • For the defence: Why it deserves to live, and how to keep it controlled.
  • The treatment: How to get rid of it effectively and, ideally, organically.
  • Follow up facts: Lots more information on everything from its growing habits and history to the way it can be cooked and enjoyed and how it is named.
  • Care and caution: Essential information on handling weeds, as well as your legal obligations.
PLUS: A handy, comprehensive reference section on weeding tools, weedkillers, mulching, composting, lawn weeds, and weeds and the law.

So whether you’re worried by groundsel or ground elder, nettles or knotweed, bamboo or brambles, these are the verdicts you need.

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Weeds on Trial