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ISBN-10: 1910821152
ISBN-13: 978-1910821152


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Animal Lore and Legend

Did you know that dolphins are believed to rescue people in danger of drowning? That an old cure for whooping cough was to hang a live frog in the chimney? Or that the monstrous Kraken could pull a ship to its doom? Find out more in this fascinating new book which tells how animals can be our friends and foes, evil witches and devils in disguise, and the objects of hate and opprobrium. They can bring good luck and bad. And in real life they can be our dearest companions, to the point of sheer worship. Exploring the lore and legends of the animal world makes it abundantly clear that the characters of animals have become an integral part of our descriptive language. Owls are wise and lions are brave; bears are strong and monkeys mischievous; bees are busy and doves gentle. Yet whatever their natural attributes, in folklore animals can do almost anything. However, it is undoubtedly true that today most of us are not as close to the animals around us as our forebears were, and that many of the world’s best loved large mammals and most beautiful birds are in danger of becoming extinct. The threats of the 21st century to the animal world make it even more pertinent to explore the many legends and folktales, myths and superstitions that reflect this past closeness, highlight our desire to explain nature’s wonders and mysteries, and underline the necessity to preserve for the benefit of future generations all creatures great and small.