Garden Wildlife On Trial

The ingenious sequel to Weeds on Trial. Get to judge the garden’s friends and foes with all the inside knowledge you need.
Is your garden a haven for slugs and squirrels, mice and magpies? Do you want to encourage honeybees, frogs and toads to make their homes in your plot? And how can animals and plants work together to create a harmonious whole? Here, with all the vital verdicts to hand, you’ll find the answers you need. In this beautifully designed and illustrated book more than 50 animals are put through rigorous testing for the defence and prosecution, assessing their good and bad points and explaining exactly why and how they should be deterred or encouraged.
Accompanying these key verdicts, descriptions of each animal are enhanced with more fascinating information on its place in the ecosystem, its telltale and extraordinary habits, its history, folklore and its alternative names and nicknames. Completing the book is a handy reference section on good garden practice, pesticides and how to use them, biological controls, domesticated wildlife, wildlife and the law and lists of the best plants to attract pollinators. Armed with this vital information, creating a balanced, productive and healthy community is something any gardener can achieve. 

Taken from the book Garden Wildlife on Trial: Verdicts on the garden’s friends and foes.