Explore the world of numbers

Weeds on Trial

A weed is simply a plant in the wrong place at the wrong time. But while no gardener wants their patch full of unwelcome invaders, every weed has its good points – it may be edible, attract bees and butterflies, or have medicinal or other qualities. read more

Taken from the book Weeds on Trial.


The No.1 Book of Numbers

Explore the world of numbers from the evolution of counting, to the way in which our houses, roads and telephone numbers are designated. read more




Ruth Binney (neé Chanter) spent her childhood in Tiverton where her father was a housemaster at Blundell's School. She is now happily settled in Yeovil, Somerset, and working on a variety of projects as well as enjoying the luxury of 'retirement' including family and friends, travel and football. Following the successful publication of The No.1 Book of Numbers (everything from lucky 7 to Chanel No.5) her latest book Weeds on Trial reveals the good – and bad – of these garden invaders.  read more


Ruth acts as a consultant to publishers on the development and commissioning of new book projects in a wide range of subjects including cookery, gardening, home making, health, popular science and word books. She also takes on the checking of edited texts in these areas. For David and Charles she was most recently the editor of a new edition of Brian Martin’s Country Lives Remembered and commissioning editor of their successful ‘Voices’ series. READ MORE