Wise Words and Country House Ways

  • Country house guests should never be expected to share a room
  • An entire suite of rooms may be set aside for royalty
  • Footmen are expected to rise early, before the family are stirring
  • Knives and other cutlery are attended to in the butler’s pantry
  • A good governess adheres to a strict timetable
  • The stockpot is the basis of the kitchen
  • The kitchen should not be made obvious by its odours
  • A lady’s dress must be adapted to circumstances and varied with different occasions
  • Until luncheon, visitors should look about and amuse themselves
  • The business of the house should never be discussed with strangers
  • Billiards may be played before or after dinner
  • A country house ball is a welcome diversion
  • It is possible for friends to be entertained below stairs
  • The sundial is an appropriate ornament for the garden
  • The continuous supply of fresh vegetables is a vital part of the gardener’s duties

Taken from the book Wise Words and Country House Ways.